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Forget generic trends and life-style theories ... I design a customized Feel Good program just for YOU and then work with you through the changes.

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Hi! My name is Yvonne and as a Lifestyle Coach with a certification in nutrition I know from decades of experience that lifestyle changes need to be in synch with your life – and not work against it. Because changing lives for better health, especially eating, is a state of mind rather than state of stomach. First, we will unlock the the reason(s) in your life why change might be difficult. And then, we will work on a health road map – identifying foods that are good for your individual body composition, creative meal planning, grocery shopping together, turning your favourite recipes into yummy powerhouses, fun cooking sessions together and pinpointing de-stress strategies that really work for YOU and YOUR schedule.

Education & Certifications:

  • Institute for Lifestyle Medicine:
 Culinary Nutrition Chef Coaching
  • International Association of Health Coaches:
 Certified International Health Coach CIHC
  • The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics: 
Managing Food Allergies
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition: Health Coach
  • The Art Institute of Atlanta: Art & Design

About me


I started out …

as a designer and creativity is my life. After 15+ years as an expat executive in  both Germany and the U.S, I founded my own Design Agency in Atlanta in 2004. It was a dream come true. But juggling executive demands, projects I did not stay behind and watching exhausted peers  and clients I realized success often comes with a price – poor health. t the peak of my career I took time off to focus on my health.

My first point …

of contact was a nutritionist and it was all about food theory. My creativity kicked in. I researched. A lot. And after a few months,, the 8 page nutritionist’s pamphlet made finally sense. But it was not only about food. It was so much more. I realized that health is interconnected with everything around us. Our relationships, a balanced approach to toxins around us, how active we are and our stress levels all play a vital role.

I became …

I became so intrigued, went back to school. and  graduated with a degree in Health Coaching. Today, I channel my creativity through creating boutique health programs  – custom tailored to individual needs. I support private clients, corporate health and school programs. And because talent is not exclusive I still express my artistic creativity through carefully selected art & design projects I really love and stay behind.

Knowing what's good for us is often not enough, it's about making it work. Good Health is more than eating right ... I wlll help you to create a health road map for you for all areas in your life:

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