Vitamin D is different from other vitamins because the body can make what it needs out exposure to sunlight and summer time usually is not a problem for children building this important Vitamin with spending time outside. Vitamin D plays an important role in bone health, promotes the absorption calcium and phosphorus and helps strengthen  our bones and teeth making them healthier and especially children need this important Vitamin.

But beside considered being a Vitamin, it also effects hormone balance and immune regulation and is also known for being beneficial for cell replication and the development autoimmune conditions.


People most prone to a vitamin D deficiency are those who live in northern regions with little sunlight exposure, people on low fat diets and when taking steroids or certain weight loss medications. Vitamin D deficiency can present in many forms:

  • Weakened immune system and seasonal mood disorders
  • 25mg

  • Autoimmune disease and cancer
  • Bone problems and skin issues such as eczema and psoriasis

Vitamin D rich Strategies and Foods

During the winter months (or whenever exposure to sunlight is limited) think adding these Vitamin D building foods and strategies to your and your children’s meal plans to naturally build and maintain this important Vitamin:

1) Spend time during daylight outside when weather permits

2) Plan a trip to the beach during  the winter months to refill Vitamin D depots

3) Sardines

4) Salmon

5) Mackerel

6) Tuna


7) Eggs

8) Mushrooms


I realize some kid’s might not agree with some these foods, but there are many wonderful ways to work these into your children’s meal plan. If you are interested, please contact me to learn more about fun ways to healthy “disguise” and incorporate foods into your kid’s daily nutrition routine.


I intentionally left out Vitamin D fortified products – be aware them. Cereals, Milk or Orange juice fortified with Vitamin D unfortunately oten contain food colors, tons sugars, chemicals, GMO’s, hormones, , white flours, preservatives and many others and the Vitamin D benefit might be diminished by these unhealthy food additives. When looking for Vitamin D fortified products, the choice isorganic and check the labels for sugar content.

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