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Yummy, quick and good for you

Creative cooking.

Add back the fun to healthy eating.

Enjoy some recipes I have created for clients, doctors and food enthusiasts. Or contact me to create or tweak individual recipes for you for healthier options!

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Creative Cooking. Yes, healthy can be quick. And yummy.

There are three factors when it comes to healthy meal prep. It needs to be Easy. Quick and Yummy. Unfortunately, healthy meals are often either bland or take forever to prepare. But it does not have to be - I focus on super delicious and super quick. Because most of us don't have time for long-winded recipes. But still want to eat healthy and delicious.

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Dairy (21)
Legumes (11)
Fermented/Probiotics (9)
Fish & Seafood (8)
Wheat & Grain-free (36)
Grains (9)
High Quality Protein (36)
Low Carb (30)
Mediterranean (33)
Nuts & Seeds (18)
Raw (20)
For Kids (36)
Dairy-free (31)
Fruit (28)
Gluten-free (52)
Poultry (8)
Vegan (19)
Vegetables (27)
Vegetarian lacto (Dairy allowed, no eggs) (29)
Vegetarian lacto-ovo ( dairy & eggs allowed) (37)
Tipsy Fruit (with alcohol) (1)
Green tea salmon rice soup r#20
Fight your cold - ancient wisdom super quick Green tea soup
r#69e4h wrapped bean salad taco
No cooking white Bean salad wraps
R#68E4H eat4happiness salmon avocado salad
Avocado & Salmon Heart Health Goodness
immune boosting tea
Cold season Immune booster tea
avocado goat cheese blueberry bites
Goat cheese Avocado Bites
stuffed mushrooms
dragon fruit strawberry breakfast
Wake me up Dragonfruit-Strawberry Morning Power
Goat cheese stuffed figs with avocado snack
Vegan raw salad
Raw Vegan Salad
peach breakfast yoghur
Easy yoghurt peach breakfast
prosecco pineapple eat4happiness
Tipsy Fruit: Pineapple Prosecco
Stuffed Vegan Acorn Squash
shrimp spinach pasta gluten free
Gluten free Shrimp Spinach Pasta
sardine squash dip
Squash-Sardine Dip
spaghetti squash
Stuffed Vegetarian Thanksgiving Butternut Squash
roasted pumpkin soup
Vegan Fall Pumpkin Soup
weight loss turkey stacks
No Cooking Weight loss turkey stacks
avocado egg brainhealth
Brain-healthy Avocado-Egg
avocado blue cheese daikon
Avocado blue cheese dip with Daikon
avocado shrimp snack
Weight loss Avocado Shrimp Snack
None to show