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Yummy, quick and good for you recipes

Love your body.


Confused by all the different food frenzies these days? And why they don't work? For you, anyway. That's because random health advice never addressed YOU as an individual.

When working with me, I will help you with all things related to eating- identifying foods that are good for YOU, creative cooking, food allergies, grocery shopping, moving and relaxing more and choosing safe cosmetics. For long term health.



I focus on practical help and won't overwhelm you with "eat 10% daily protein of your bodyweight". Or to "focus on complex carbohydrates". Because these terms just don't make sense to most people, I will translate nutritional theory for you into practical advice. Get a road map to your individual well being - with a lifetime supply of yummy and good-for-YOU-recipes. And a fun and easy to follow lifestyle plan. Check some recipes I have created:

Creative Cooking. Delicious. Easy. And good for you.

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Dairy (21)
Legumes (11)
Fermented/Probiotics (9)
Fish & Seafood (8)
Wheat & Grain-free (36)
Grains (9)
High Quality Protein (36)
Low Carb (30)
Mediterranean (33)
Nuts & Seeds (18)
Raw (20)
For Kids (36)
Dairy-free (31)
Fruit (28)
Gluten-free (52)
Poultry (8)
Vegan (19)
Vegetables (27)
Vegetarian lacto (Dairy allowed, no eggs) (29)
Vegetarian lacto-ovo ( dairy & eggs allowed) (37)
Tipsy Fruit (with alcohol) (1)
black bean dip eat4happiness
Black Bean dip for Heart & Brain health
mango caprese mozarella
Mango Mozzarella - not your usual Caprese
healthy hummus eat4happiness
Home made superfoods - Hummus
r#69e4h wrapped bean salad taco
White Bean salad wraps
spaghetti squash
Stuffed Vegetarian Thanksgiving Butternut Squash
smoked salmon with potato and probiotic dip
Salmon, potatoes & probiotic dip
Vegan raw salad
Raw Vegan Salad
Eat4happiness relaxing night cap banana milk r#38e4h
Relaxing Banana Milk Nightcap
Eat4happiness breakfast
Two minute prep time overnight power breakfast
avocado goat cheese blueberry bites
Goat cheese Avocado Bites
Fig goat cheese avocado snack
popsicles Eat4happines
Healthy kids snacks – Fruity Popsicles
roasted pumpkin soup
Vegan Fall Pumpkin Soup
healthy super bowl eat4happiness
Healthy Super Bowl
Nourish your body and soul
dragon fruit strawberry breakfast
Dragonfruit-Strawberry Morning Power
Eat4happiness besan crepes
Immuneboosting, Gluten-free Weight Loss Crepes
stuffed mushrooms
eat4happiness avocado cracker
berry coconut kefir
Berry-Coconut-Kefir Breakfast Bowl
Green tea salmon rice soup r#20
Heart Healthy Salmon Green Tea Soup
r#9e4h natural honey mustard dressing
Natural Honey Mustard Dressing
Eat4happiness Creamy Vegan Horseradish Dip
Creamy Vegan Horseradish Dip
banana snack
Two minute prep banana indulgence - the perfect afternoon snack
eat4happiness banana bread
Easy, Gluten-free Banana Bread for the whole family
Stuffed Vegan Acorn Squash
supercharging breakfast porridge Eat4happiness
Power Porridge Bowl
Chicken Beans and Avocado Tacos
Eat4happiness - Chia einkorn kefir pancakes
Chia-Einkorn Pancakes
r#37e4h Chicken Liver salad Eat4happines
Fight Fatigue with a High Energy Charging Super Bowl
avocado shrimp snack
Weight loss Avocado Shrimp Snack
sardine squash dip
Squash-Sardine Dip
Eat4happiness Maitake Spinach Quiche
High energy super Spinach-Maitake-Quiche
avocado blue cheese daikon
Avocado blue cheese dip with Daikon
R#68E4H eat4happiness salmon avocado salad
Avocado & Salmon Heart Health Goodness
apple nutbutter snack
High energy apple nut butter snack
salmon pasta spinach super bowl
Heart and Brain Health – Winter Super Bowl
prosecco pineapple eat4happiness
Tipsy Fruit: Pineapple Prosecco
Eat4happiness Chicken fingers
Wheat and grain free Chicken Nuggets
Kale duck salad Eat4Happiness
Warm Duck-Kale-Dijon Salad
quinoa feta salad eat4happiness
Supercharge your Heart and Brain: Quinoa-Feta salad
Eat4happiness - black olive tapenade
Black Olive Tapenade
salmon goat cheese stacks - eat4happiness
No Cooking Heart Healthy Salmon Stacks
avodadoe chips
3 Minute guilt free Snack
strawberry banana pancake
Morning Energy Strawberry Banana Pancakes
shrimp spinach pasta gluten free
Gluten free Shrimp Spinach Pasta
Supercharging Vitamin C A juice Eat4happiness
Supercharging Vitamin Smoothie
peach breakfast yoghur
Easy yoghurt peach breakfast
Balsamic Ginger Dressing Eat4Happiness e4h3
immune boosting tea
Cold season Immune booster tea
weight loss turkey stacks
No Cooking Weight loss turkey stacks
Eat4happiness hot cocoa
Hot Mint Cocoa - Healthy style
eat4happiness sesame lemon dressing
Sesame-Lemon Dressing
avocado egg brainhealth
Brain-healthy Avocado-Egg
turkey rolls
Weight loss turkey rolls
apple sauce
Make your own organic applesauce - in under 10 minutes
None to show