There are plenty foods that help manage skin inflammation, reduce breakouts and tone skin. Unfortunately, there are also some that just do the opposite. Some foods can directly trigger acne, eczema and other problems, and block collagen, which is important to keep your skin healthy, radiant and elastic.

Here are some foods that might dull your skin or even cause more severe problems. If you have ongoing skin issues and used all the creams and ointments available, a nutritional approach might be helpful to explore.

1. Sugar

Foods high in sugar attack your collagen production. Collagen is responsible for the skin’s strength and elasticity and too much sugar can disrupt the balance the body’s nutritional depots much needehealthy skin, including collagen. When that happens, your skin starts to look stiff, reddish, tired and wrinkled.

2. Refined Carbohydrates

Two words: white flours. If the pasta, Tortilla, bread, cookies, cakes, cereals or processed foods you eat or snack on contain white flour, it is the same as eating pure sugar.  They are converted immediately to insulin in your body, even while you eat them. And they not only let your blood sugar spike, but also can cause acne breakouts and other skin problems. When you eat  these foods, your body produces high levels Insulin spikes that setf a vicious cycle creating cravings, attributing to belly fat and heart problems – and to acne and other skin disorders.

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3. Dairy

If you don’t consume organic dairy products, your intake growth hormones, and certain types steroids that are fed to non-pasture/organic raised cows is high, which can cause acne breakouts and other skin problems. This also effects some protein powder shakes if they contain milk proteins. If you’re using protein shakes, just be aware the additives you take in, or opt for a plant-based protein shake. But for some, even organic diary poses a problem. Most people think lactose as the culprit, but whey and casein are a much greater concern for many who might be sensitive to them, unknowingly associating their symptoms ecades to something else. Being sensitive to diary products does not always present with immediate symptoms like with an allergy. It sometimes can foster over decades and eventually surface as skin or gut problems, just to name a very few.

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