A funny thing happened to me yesterday at the Grocery store. A nice lady approached me out the blue and asked my opinion. (That happens a lot and sometimes I think I wear an invisible “Ask-me-about-nutrition” banner on my forehead. But that’s another story.) She dangled a bottle Vitamin Water in my face and said “”Isn’t THAAAAT great?! It’s like having an apple and water at once!”

Poor Lady. Of all the people at the store she had to pick me. The Health Coach. About Vitamin Water that is. For a short moment, I weighed my options just speeding away with my little cart, but for a Health Coach on a mission it seemed a bit irresponsible. I owned the challenge and asked her: “Well, why don’t you just eat a real apple and drink some natural water with it?” For a second, she looked at me like I had just landed from outer space right into the Nuts & Seed section.  And then she said something that made me write this blog post, because I heard it so many times from clients, friends and everyone else:

“But, I don’t LIKE plain water!”

And she is not alone, drinking enough water is one the biggest challenges for people, and especially children are at risk. A recent study, published at the American Journal Public Health, expensive  from researchers at Harvard shows that more than half U.S. children and teens are dehydrated and about 25 percent kids don’t drink water daily.

Oh Yes! Another “drink-more-water” advise!

Sorry to disappoint. We need water to function. Dehydrationten is the #1 reason when it comes to fatigue, , brain fog, bladder and digestive issues, headaches, weight issues and many other health problems.

The nice lady and I chatted a bit and I shared some ideas about ways to make drinking water more fun. WITHOUT drinking water that has added chemicals that only resemble an apple. Did I mention she returned the water to the shelf and put some apples in her cart?

How to make drinking water Fun

1 – My Tea Feng Shui

Make drinking tea a pleasurable event. Chances are you are not enjoying that cup tea when you throw an old teabag you just found by accident in your pantry into one the eclectic cups with a broken handle and gulp it down while doing house chores. Instead – celebrate a good cup tea. Make it a little ceremony – maybe even invest in a tea pot, some high quality honey and your favorite type tea – and make it a daily procedure to brew a nice pot. Put on some soothing music, some aromatherapy maybe, write or journal, read your favorite magazine and relax while you have your tea. It’s all about the procedure.

2 – Enhance your water with fruits, herbs or veggies

Plain water is plain boring and not fun to most people. Enhance it with your favorite fruit or veggies, get a nice Glass pitcher, add some ice cubes or cold tea (herbal, green – any type you like) and keep it in the fridge for a day. I always prepare a fresh pitcher in the morning and sip throughout the day. I like cucumbers, berries, pineapple and also herbs like mint or basil. Cut the fruit or veggies in smaller pieces, so it has lot’s surface and the water can absorb all the nutrients.

3 – Get a water filter

When increasing your water intake, make sure the water you drink is safe and tastes good. Tap water often is laden with Chlorine and other chemicals which is no fun to drink, when I moved to the U.S. from Germany, I was overwhelmed by the strong Chlorine smell the water and needed a filter. In my house, we are using a whole house water filter, that way, we have clean water coming out all faucets, for showering, cooking and drinking. If you don’t want to make a big step like this yet, just get a water pitcher with a filter or install a water filter to the faucet you use rinking and cooking water.

4 – Don’t wait until you’re thirsty

We need water for regulating blood circulation, body temperature and metabolism and most importantly  detoxification and elimination. When two percent its total water content is lost, the body signals needs with thirst, which is too late because it’s already an early stage dehydration. And – kid’s and elderly people’s thirst mechanism is underdeveloped, it’s especially important for them to drink. By the way, sugar cravings, the #1 reason why weight loss efforts fail, are an indicator  dehydration. To make drinking more fun for kids, add some beet juice or other low sugar juice to the water. Kids love color!

5 – Make some fun ice cubes

Enhance your drinks with fun ice cubes, especially kids like this. Add chopped fruits or herbs to an ice cube mold and fill with water, then freeze. Add to your drinks whenever needed, right out the freezer. And making them is the most fun, it makes for a great activity – your will kids love to choose the produce and crafting the ice cubes.

6 – Choose foods with high water content

Beside drinking, you can also add foods you like to your nutritional patternwater intake. The following fruits provide 100 grams water per unit: 94 gram rhubarb, 92 gram casaba melon, 92 gram watermelon, 90 grams Strawberries, 92 gram Carambola (Starfruit), 97 gram cucumber, 97 gram Napa Cabbage, 96 gram Bamboo shoots, 96 gram iceberg lettuce or 96 gram Celery.

7 – Aim for natural food

Try to avoid vitamin enriched waters, vitamin powders for water or juices for hydration. They are often laden with chemicals, sugars and many more byproducts you don’t need. Nothing beats the real thing … consuming fruits or veggies with water is still the way to hydrate and nourish your body. And if you want to use juice, just blend it with water, a 1:4 Juice:Water ratio is great.

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