Winter time is cold season. Here are some tips to naturally prevent and manage colds and how to speed up the recovery process.

1 – Chicken Broth

Traditional nutrition wisdom soothed colds for centuries with this remedy. Use a fresh whole chicken (with bones!) and cook in filtered water for about two hours (if you have a pressure cooker, follow manufacturer’s instructions).  You can de-skin the chicken, if you like to decrease the fat content. Add some Himalayan Salt to enhance mineral content and once cooked thoroughly, sip the broth throughout the day. Chicken broth has an abundance of healthy vitamins and minerals that speed up and aid the healing process. You can use the meat for other dishes or freeze any leftovers for later use.

2 – Gargle with fresh ginger water

For throat ache, press a small piece (1/2 inch) ginger through a garlic press into 2 cups lukewarm water, stir and gargle. Ginger has excellent healing (anti-inflammatory) properties which are very soothing for an inflamed throat.

3 – Get lot’s sleep and rest

It is not always possible, but whenever you get a chance, rest. Prioritize your wellbeing over household, work or other tasks. Reach out to your support network to get help. Rest is the most important factor for your body to recover. And – close that laptop and put the mobile on airplane mode –  for your eyes and mind to rest as well.

4 – Relieve sinus pain with soothing mist

Try a soothing mist by mixing 1 tbsp horseradish with 2 cups hot water in a bowl. Get a towel to cover your head and breathe in the soothing mist for about 5 minutes.

5 – Increase humidity for bad coughs

Often, dry air contributes to sinus and upper respiratory problems during a cold. Try a humidifier or let your shower run for about 5 minutes with hot water. The mist will relieve your cough symptoms.

6 – Don’t exercise

Avoid exercising or strenuous activity (you would not dream of it while being sick, but even a few days after). It puts an extra load on your already hard working immune system. Ease back into exercise slowly and listen to your body, it might still be in recovery mode, even if you feel better, so keep it slow. A slow walk through spring sunshine is a good start.

7 – Eat plenty of foods with Vitamin C and Zinc

Kiwis, Strawberries, Bell peppers, Guava, Oranges, Papaya, Kale or Broccoli are strong Vitamin C allies when you’re sick, speeding up the healing process and re-building a healthy immune system. Shiitake mushrooms, Avocado and Blueberries are high in Zinc, which plays an important role in immune function – add shiitake mushrooms to your Chicken broth (see 1) to enhance it’s healing properties.
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8 – Fermented Foods

Fermented foods are very beneficial for your gut which plays a major role good immune system function. Sauerkraut, pickles, Kimchi, umeboshi plums (pickled plum puree), kefir and yogurt are your friends to get and stay healthy by supporting your immunesystem with health gut bacteria.

9 – Plenty of water – make your own parsley tea

Parsley is high in Vitamin C, make your own parsley tea, it’s as easy as using a tea bag. Simply wash the parsley and tear a handful of leafs into a cup, then boil water, wait about 5 minutes and pour over the parsley. Add lemon, some honey to taste and let sit for a few minutes. To make it even better, add fresh Ginger or Turmeric. Throughout the day drink plenty water. If you are like me and don’t like plain water, enhance it with cucumbers, berries or anything you like.

Get well soon and let me know how these worked for you!

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Yvonne Wilhelmi
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