Contrary to Programs, which are pre-defined time periods requiring commitment, Services are hourly Nutrition or Wellness Consultations. Generic diets usually don’t work – we are bio-individual with different anatomy, metabolism, genetic markup, blood type, bone density, cell structure, ancestry and heritage. If you don’t have the time or can’t commit to a program, consulting sessions can help to kickstart a custom-tailored lifestyle to address this complex system of transforming your health.

My Specialty

Weight Loss and Anti-Inflammatory Nutrition

Inflammation today is the leading cause for almost any  chronic illness. While acute inflammation presents for a short period time after injury or micro-bacterial invasion with immediate symptoms, chronic inflammation in it’s initial stages is a painless process  developing over decades – and it is caused by the food we eat. When malnutrition is not resolved, Chronic Inflammation transforms into Cellular Inflammation resulting in Chronic Diseases such as Thyroid diseases, Diabetes Type 2, Heart Disease, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson, Cancer, ADD, Autism, Chronic Pain, Fertility problems, Osteoporosis, Gout, Asthma, Multiple Sclerosis, Migraines, Skin diseases, Allergies, Depression, Anxiety and weight problems. Contrary to some belief, Obesity or being overweight is not a cosmetic problem, it is a serious hormonal and metabolic imbalance resulting in chronic health problems.

Why Diets don’t work

No diet fits all. We are biochemically individual, which permeates every part the human body. Some people thrive on diary, some get sick from it. Others needs animal protein, whereas certain groups only tolerate plant-based-protein. We are different with potential for food allergies and sensitivities, gene mutations, blood type and general body composition. Diets usually only work well for the people who created it, and people matching  the very same body composition, but it surely does not fit anyone.

What works?

Analyzing your body composition and current nutritional habit and based on these findings adjusting nutritional patterns and life style to our individual body composition and schedules. Life style changes need to be fun and easy providing room for the occasional indulgence, yet keeping a healthy balance in that approach. I am trained to assist clients in the process transitioning in all areas life to healthy life style that lasts.

Hourly consulting sessions can be booked in single hourly increments and offer an immediate educational value on all topics around food and wellness.  I am flexible, experienced in accommodating busy schedules and offer phone,  individual, family or group sessions. I am trained to work with both, male and female clients and also assist with children’s nutrition. The easiest and most convenient session type is phone. Book a session today:

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Customized Nutrition

  • Bio-individual nutrition plans
  • complete Road Map to health
  • Anti-inflammatory nutrition
  • Identifying problematic foods
  • Food label analysis & shopping cart assistance
  • Deconstructing craving
  • current nutritional status
  • Entire process guidance for long-term results,
  • Personalized Weight Management strategies

Nurtitional Cooking

    • Personalized recipes and meal plans
    • Healthy techniques for meal preparation
    • Customized recipes to address deficiencies
    • Individual or group Cooking instructions
    • Safe and healthy cooking equipment
    • Pantry Inspection
    • Effective food storing techniques

Targeted Excercise plans

  • Bio-individual exercise plans
  • Individualized workout schedules
  • Personalized training level evaluations
  • Specific target areas workouts
  • Determine individual workout specifications
  • Safe workout routines
Relaxation techniques

Stress Management

  • Stress and Burn-out Management
  • Introduce relaxation techniques for body and mind
  • Spiritual practices for an overstimulated world
  • Effective sleep routine
  • Selecting practicing  strategies
  • Identify methods (Meditation, massage, visualization, progressive relaxation, Journaling, Breathing techniques, Acupuncture, Ayurveda and many more).

Natural Beauty

    • Analyze body & skin composition
    • Determine natural and healthy beauty strategy
    • Identify / phase out harmful cosmetics
    • Educate on environmental toxins in cosmetics and house products
    • Convert to healthy, natural methods and products
    • Assist in creating a healthy beauty routine
    • Environmental home analysis for better health (air quality, house hold cleaners, healthy in-door strategies)
Happy & Healthy Patients

Personal Life Factors

  • Achieve happiness for personal life factors
  • Life Coaching for all areas: well-being beside nutrition (career, relationships, social life and spirituality)
  • Active, non-judgmental listening approach
  • address interpersonal obstacles, concerns
  • Prioritize, goals, Milestone evaluations
  • Accountability coaching