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Feedback is an important part my work. I am proud and honored to have touched many lives by improving nutrition, life-style and enhancing life-quality  for my client community.

What clients say:

As an executive, I needed quick and healthy tips for living on the fast lane, spending time in airplanes, cars and hotels. I worked with Yvonne through remote sessions and she was super easy to work with, accommodating my busy schedule. It was an extraordinary experience, I have a toolset of ideas and strategies now what to do order in restaurants, keep me fit while traveling and what to snack on the go to stay well. Her coaching style is consultative and was very effective for me transforming key habits in my life.

Tim P. l Montreal, CAN

"I had no idea what Culinary Nutrition Coaching was and was blown away to hear that healthy eating can be delicious. Before I worked with Yvonne, my image of healthy foods was carrots and broccoli all day long. But a Culinary Nutrition Coach combines the healthy with the yummy and makes it easy to prepare. Awesome meetings! I lost weight already and know I can keep it that way in the long run with Yvonne's easy, yet powerful strategies & meal plans."

Steve R. l New York, U.S.

"Yvonne led the Atlanta International School's Nutrition group "Nourish" with much enthusiasm. Her wealth of knowledge about wellness and healthy living was impressive and her passion for sharing it was inspirational! She covered a wide variety of topics from juicing and a gluten-free diet, to the best organic choices on a budget, to less toxic alternatives for cleaning, cookware and cosmetics. An engaging speaker, she led fun cooking and tasting demonstrations and shared wonderful resources at each meeting. Even my teen-aged daughter has become more attentive to clean living choices now. We have learned so much! Thank you, Yvonne, for being such a positive influence in my family!"

Cynthia F. l Atanta, GA USA

I really enjoyed your supermarket bootcamp –  I learned quite a bit.  I am very interested in nutrition and have done a lot of reading about it, but I definitely learned some new things!  I’m sensitive to gluten, so I’m excited to try einkorn flour…fingers crossed that I can tolerate it like you.  You’ve definitely inspired me to get out of the rut I have been in with grocery shopping and cooking!

Amada C. Atlanta, GA

It was a pleasure to attend Yvonne’s nutrition course. It gave me valuable insights into de-coding organic food and choosing the right ingredients. Yvonne is very knowledgeable about healthy nutrition and you definitely feel that she is really living her passion and sharing it with people. I loved the hands-on experience in the store where Yvonne walked us through a supermarket explaining the way to identify healthy products and what to choose. I would highly recommend Yvonne for any your nutritional issues!

Sonja S. Atlanta, GA

Health, nutrition and cooking are hobbies that I take pretty seriously for me and my family. I attended Yvonne's 4-part nutritional series thinking it would be fun but that I’d probably know the material already. I was blown away by the breadth and depth information she has to offer. I now look to her Culinary Nutrition wisdom to fill in the blanks where conventional dietitians and nutritionists miserably fail.

Leyda V. Atlanta GA

Wow - nice recipes. We would love to feature you in our fitness App!

nomnom Fitness, London, UK

Wonderful! We love to look at such satisfying recipes. Would be wonderful to see more.

Cosy Cookhouse, Fine German Fruit Spreads, Pinneberg, Germany

I am so impressed! I learned so much from you about inflammation and how it impacts my Thyroid. Your recipes are so easy, cutting out gluten and other life style changes made a big difference already in managing my Hashimoto's Disease. I look forward to continue working with you. Thank you!

Lucinda R. Atlanta, GA

I can't thank you enough for improving my nutrition "know-how" in our last three sessions. I've always considered my self aware nutrition but you've brought me to the next level understanding how to eat healthy.

Katie C. Atlanta, GA, USA

Your recipes sound delicious! Will try this out this weekend. I love your approach to bio-individual nutrition.

Natalie, MPH CHW

Thank you for guiding our group through important and smart products, how to prepare them, and how to balance our meals around our lifestyle. You've been so encouraging and have helped us understand how making small nutritional changes can create big outcomes in our overall physical and mental health. Thank you!"

Kate C. Atlanta, GA, USA

Thanks a lot for sharing your recipes! The work you are doing is such an inspiration!

Britta M. Atlanta, GA, USA

Thank you for helping to launch and leading the Nutrition Course for Atlanta International School Deutsch Connection. Participants were very impressed about the information and insight you provided! Learning about ways to select and prepare healthy foods and cook efficiently for our families makes such a great difference! Your shopping cart and food label sessions were so helpful, people are talking about it and this is what change is all about! We look forward to establish the program and to a successful new season Nutrition sessions in Spring, also including our spanish and french communities now.

Michaela G, Atlanta, GA

Oh my goodness. How did you know I needed this recipe? I want to boost both my magnesium intake as well as my son’s. But he can’t/won’t take a pill. Thanks for solving this puzzle for me!

Rashelle, via Social Media, IIN website

I always thought healthy cooking tastes boring and requires endless kitchen hours. Your cooking class was such an eye-opener!  Your recipes are wonderful, they are not only delicious, but so easy to make and already are a hit in my family. Thank you for changing my view on healthy cooking!

Barbara T. Atlanta, GA, USA

Your website and recipes are a total inspiration, I can't wait until you post again!

Liza P. Atlanta, GA, USA

I would have never thought my kids nutrition can be improved but you did it! I have so many nice recipes now and know so much more about healthy snacks for my children. And they love the food! Thank you!

Sophia F. New York, NY USA

Your shopping cart and pantry inspection changed my life. You completely changed my view of food in just a few sessions. Absolutely amazing what small steps can do!

Christina K. Berlin, Germany

Your knowledge is so profound, I am amazed how food can make us sick or healthier. Our sessions have already changed my way of eating and I can see results even after this short time! Thank you!

Chris N. Atlanta, GA, USA