“Today, more than one-third American adults are overweight or obese. The WHO has estimated that worldwide 347 million people have diabetes. Every day, 2500 Americans die from cardiovascular disease such as coronary heart disease, heart attacks and stroke. Chronic diseases linked to malnutrition and deficiencies are a rising epidemic and an exorbitant amount money is spent on sick care for medications, surgery and medical procedures.  But virtually nothing is spent on disease prevention and education.” 

What is Culinary Nutrition Coaching?

It is not the information about the right foods and life style that makes us healthy. It is about to transform that information  into enjoyable and sustainable, long-lasting life style modifications. This is what I do as a Coach – rather than only providing a sheet with bad and good foods and then let you figure it out, I create an individual road map to health based on your nutritional needs and then work with you as long as it takes to transform the information into visible results. My process focuses on creating balance in all areas of life, bio-individual nutrition strategies, custom tailored recipes to address malnutrition, deficiencies or recovery efforts, provide spiritual encouragement, mentorship and education for as long as guidance is needed or desired to achieve long-term health goals.


clients to achieve nutrition and wellness goals and by addressing all the facets health in addition to Nutrition (relationships, exercise, career, and spirituality).


conversations to allow clients to explore areas they feel need attention, educate on health-supportive self-care behavior and sustainable life style modifications.


clients to adapt healthy behavior changes as well as  to hold themselves accountable for their choices, supporting them in their decisions.

Active Listening

to a clients thoughts and ideas on how to achieve their goals, obstacles along the road or any concerns, encourage to explore and re-evaluate.


clients on Nutrition and healthy life style options, because only when we know why, we will follow through.


success, because contrary to the short nature diets, sustainable long-time changes require commitment and education – they don’t happen  or without effort.


client’s lives to become healthier and happier in all areas and introduce easy and sustainable life style modifications.

What it is not

Nutrition Coaches don’t diagnose, treat or heal, they refer to the appropriate medical professional for proper treatment of medical issues.

What is the Role of a Culinary Nutrition Coach?

Nutritionists & Dietitians

provide nutritional insight and a list foods to eat or not eat. Their primary focus is on providing nutritional facts and information to address illness or deficiency. No long-term relationships are established with a client and no coaching is in the scope to implement the information. Nutritionists and Dietitians don’t advise on behavioral eating modifications and don’t provide accountability and tracking metrics. Nutritionists, Dietitian’s and Doctors often work closely with a Culinary Nutrition Coach helping their patients to put theoretical nutrition knowledge into practice for a successful transformation to healthier lifestyles.

Culinary Nutrition Coaches

are trained in nutrition to work with healthy clients wanting to improve life styles. They also support Doctors and Dietitians coaching their patients implementing meal plans, medical recommendations and necessary life style transformations. They address a major obstacle for people to transform to a healthy life style – meal preparation. Culinary Nutrition Coaches put theory into practice by using culinary medicine techniques such healthy meal preparation, cooking, selecting healthy ingredients, food label analysis, grocery shopping assistance, food safety and many more. In addition, they focus on positive behavior modifications, life balance factors such as relationships, career or spiritual practice to achieve whole health and build strong relationships with their clients, monitor progress through accountability metrics and define goals for long-term health.

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