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You made the perfect plan. To eat better. To de-stress. To increase quality time with loved ones. ANd then - life happens. Like usual. Sloppy meals, school emergencies, demanding family schedules, last minute project deadlines, hectic work travel and crazy sleep hours after (too) many wind-down-drinks. And poof. There went your perfect plan. Again.

Sounds familiar?

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Hi! My name is Yvonne and as a Lifestyle Coach with a certification in nutrition I know from decades of experience that lifestyle changes need to be in synch with your life - and not work against it. Because changing lives for better health, especially eating, is a state of mind rather than state of stomach. First, we will unlock the the reason(s) in your life why change might be difficult. And then, we will work on a health road map - identifying foods that are good for your individual body composition, creative meal planning, grocery shopping together, turning your favourite recipes into yummy powerhouses, fun cooking sessions together and pinpointing de-stress strategies that really work for YOU and YOUR schedule.

Why is change so difficult?
Because it's not about information. It's about transformation.
Knowing about things that are good for us is often not enough. It's about knowing how to make theoretic facts work on a long term basis in everyday life for key areas:

Health frenzies pop up daily. Clean eating. Power foods. The protein miracle. Low carb. No carb. No fat. Yes fat. The magic Fast The Miracle Detox. The 3-day-belly-gone workout. But by now, you know generic health-hypes don't fit everyone - you have to find what is good for YOU individually.

The key to long term change is never an extreme approach. And randomly picked advice from (often) uncertified sources does not help either. It is about working with a trusted Coach who knows you AND your life situation. To find the right foods and strategies for YOU, restoring balance and happiness.